Our People

Real world experience that provides real world solutions.

At The Bank of Northern Michigan, our belief is that our experience should extend beyond banking. Real world experience, from entrepreneurial startups and professional practices to thriving industries, allows us to offer the kind of solutions that can only come from having stood in your shoes.


  • Help you see things from a fresh perspective.
  • Analysis provided on your financial statements or tax return information.
  • Options and recommendations are given to help you think through important issues.
  • False assumptions you've been working under are uncovered and resolved.


  • Consistent and dependable service.
  • Flexible and willing to work with you, at all phases of the project.


  • Time and diligence are taken to understand your business.
  • We keep the long-term value of our relationship in mind.
  • Focus on the relationship built with you, not just the current issue.
  • What matters to your business, matters to us.

Our Business Bankers and Relationship Managers live and work in your community. We look for specific qualities in our Bankers and invest in their skills and capabilities every day. If you've not met them before, you can learn about them here.