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Agriculture is a complex and volatile industry, and we understand that.

Our financial solutions are specifically designed to meet the needs of farmers, processors and agribusiness.

We can help structure reasonable and realistic credit.
In 2013, The Farm Service Agency awarded The Bank of Northern Michigan eligibility status to offer FSA guaranteed farm loans. The new status will allow The Bank of Northern Michigan customers to access up to $1.2 million in federal guaranteed loans to finance things like new farm equipment or planting costs. The bank will focus the FSA federal guaranteed loan program in agricultural production operations such as cherries, livestock, dairy, grain row cropping, and other fruit and vegetables. This fits in with our ability to offer loans backed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Small Business Administration.

We offer a courier for rural customers.
Today's agribusiness owners need banking services to help manage cash flow and to maximize the return on savings and investments.  Schedule our courier service to come out to your business to pick up deposits or other banking transactions.

We have a dedicated Relationship Manager.
Our Relationship Managers have a specialize expertise in lending to farms and agribusiness operations, and are backed by a team of specialists from Cash Management to Leasing. That way, you get the benefits of tailored solutions, built from the most sophisticated instruments available.

Banking Services Provided

Loan Products ACH (Automated Clearing House) Services:
Farm Ownership Loans Positive Pay
Farm Equipment Loans Zero Balance Accounts
Farm Seasonal Operating Loans MasterMoney Debit Card
  Certificate of Deposits
Farm Deposit Account Services:  
Courier Service Personal Trusts and Wealth Management
Online Banking Personal Services:
Onsite Banking
Residential Home Morgtages
Car Loans
Personal Deposits

Our specialists have a green thumb for agribusiness.

Gary Palmitier, Agricultural Loan Specialist
Gary Palmitier is a veteran banker with agricultural lending experience exceeding 20 years. He has led a lending team in the Ottawa county area focusing on production and processing agriculture. Gary has also been a CFO of a large agri-business outside of the banking industry. His practical knowledge of how a bank can partner with a farm owner provides trusted advisory insight while understanding the financial challenges and opportunities that face a farming enterprise.

The Bank of Holland
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Gary Palmitier