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Hear from the founder of Lake Michigan Financial Corporation, Rich Lievense, and his insight on what this blog encompasses.

The passing of Steve Jobs has caused much reflection in the popular press.  While not perfect or easy to be around, he clearly fundamentally changed many important things.  A couple important lessons are outlined in this short article.

Read "Steve Jobs and Taking the Big Chance" from The New York Times.

Who says manufacturing in the United States is dead?  Some young entrepreneurs want to change the game. 

Read "The Kitchen-Table Industrialists" from The New York Times.

Andy Kessler is a columnist with the Wall Street Journal whose new book “Eat People and Other Unapologetic Rules for Game-Changing Entrepreneurs”  takes a different and somewhat irreverent view of entrepreneurship today.  The book is an easy read and combines a new spin on some classic economic theories along with different ideas for the “new” economy.  I do not agree with all of his theories or conclusions and I doubt you will either.  But the book is thought provoking and gives a person of my generation a different perspective.  It’s worth the time and a fun read.


Check out “Eat People and Other Unapologetic Rules for Game-Changing Entrepreneurs” at or visit author Andy Kessler's website.

Most great ideas for enhancing corporate growth and profits aren’t discovered in the lab late at night, or in the isolation of the executive suite.  They come from the people who fight the company’s battles, who serve the customers, explore new markets, and fend off the competition.  In other words, the employees.  Are you listening to them?

Read more article: Who Has Innovative Ideas? Employees. from the Wall Street Journal.

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