Up in Traverse City, we don’t run cookie-cutter businesses. Our sales are seasonal, and big banks don’t understand that.
Since my jewelry business opened, I’ve had the same experience with several banks: my local bank would be bought out, I’d be assigned a new out-of-town banker who saw my winter sales as a liability, my credit would be recalled, and I’d have to start from square one.
I needed a bank that knew my market and trusted me as much as I trusted them — one that kept their promises year-round.
Then I found The Bank of Northern Michigan. John, the president, and Wade, my banker, were the first ones to offer me more than a loan. They were — and still are — my financial partners, my mentors, living and working in this community for the same reasons I am. They’ll drive 30-minutes to pick up a deposit or come at the drop of a hat for anything I need. You just can’t say that about many banks anymore.
Now I have complete trust and know my business and my bank are better together.
Becky Thatcher
Founder of Becky Thatcher Designs
Client since 2010