Starting my practice was challenging. Coming out of residency, I had a lot of debt, but also a lot of potential. Unfortunately, big banks only see the liability — a banker in another state doesn’t know what I have to offer, because he doesn’t know me.
Every bank I met with felt like a struggle. As soon as I spoke to The Bank of Northern Michigan, I knew they were different. Finally, I’d found a bank with a small-town feel, where trust was taken on a handshake.
Later when I merged with another practice, they guided me through every step. Right away my new partners jumped on board, too — both for our business and our private finances. Now when we need any financial services or guidance, we don’t even shop around. We always know we’re getting the best rates and advice from our bank.
I can honestly say John, Brian, Jeremy — all the bankers — I know their personal phone numbers and their families. How many people can say they’re actually friends with their bankers?
I have no doubt that my business and my bank are better together.
Dr. Daniel Madion, DDS, MD
Partner at Grand Traverse Oral Surgery
Client since 2007