Card Guardian Programs

In order to provide extra security that’s quick, simple, and secure, we have implemented two new systems to ensure online purchase protection as well as point-of-sale transactions using your MasterMoney™ Debit Card. We are partnering with MasterCard™ SecureCode™ to add protection against unauthorized use of your Debit Card via the Internet. We also offer a real-time Fraud Alert system, which monitors your Debit Card transactions and protects you against suspicious account activity.
MasterCard SecureCode
When making an online purchase from a participating vendor, you will be asked to register your card and create your own SecureCode™. The SecureCode™ acts as an extra layer of protection and works just like using a PIN at an ATM. When you correctly enter your SecureCode™, we will confirm that you are the authorized cardholder, and your purchase will be complete!
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Fraud Alert
If we detect suspicious activity in your account, the fraud detection center will call you to verify your transactions. You will be asked to confirm your identity and any recent transactions, all through the convenience of a touch-tone phone. You will also have the option to speak to a person if you have other questions. When fraudulent activity has occurred, your card will be discontinued, protecting you and your credit. Let us know the dates you will be traveling (to another state or overseas). This way, we are aware that your transactions may be unusual for the time period you are gone.
For more information, review our Frequently Asked Questions flyer.