Positive Pay and ACH Filter

Protect Your Business From Fraud

Your security is one of our highest priorities. Reduce your exposure to fraud risk with The Bank of Northern Michigan's Positive Pay and ACH Filter. Positive Pay and ACH Filter ensure the safety of your money through simple, secure and automated methods that monitor your account transactions.

Watch a demonstration of Positive Pay.


  • Positive Pay allows you to monitor checks procesesed for payment against your account and return unauthorized transactions before losses occur.
  • It compliments the internal security measures you currently employ to protect against check fraud.
  • Offers around-the-clock monitoring for ACH transactions (debit and credit) posted to your account.
  • Reduces risk exposure and increases efficiency.
Speak with a Cash Management Officer to sign up today at 231-922-2101 (Traverse City) or 231-487-1765 (Petoskey).